Thursday, 24 November 2011

1 Week into my Six Pack Abs Program

OK guys and gals, it's been almost 7 days of being on my 'Truth About Six Pack Abs' and 'The Fat Burning Furnace' programs (links at bottom of each post from now on if you want to try it yourself!) and I must admit that I pretty impressed to say the least. I will be posting my 'After' picture before the 25th of December hopefully with a full six pack.

I spent about 4 hours studying both programs in quite some depth and then spent the same time again putting my plan together on how I was going to implement them. I took the best bits out of each plan and made my own 'hybrid'. So far I have lost around 6.5 pounds which I think is pretty damn good if you ask me! Much more than I initially thought. Anyway, I just wanted to give a mini update on my progress. My next posts will go into much more depth on my 'hybrid' method using both the 'Fat Burning Furnace' and 'The Truth About Six Pack Abs' programs.

Can't wait until then? Checkout both of the programs I am using below: -

The Truth About Six Pack Abs - >> CLICK HERE <<
The Fat Burning Furnace - >> CLICK HERE <<

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