Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My Journey to get six pack abs begins...

OK, here is what happened. I was in a bar with my friends one night about a week ago and we were chatting about how fit and healthy we used to be at school. One of my friends was bragging about how he used to have the best six pack at school and that all the girls fancied him. I got pretty sick of hearing him boast about himself and at the end of the night I did something stupid. Yes that's right, I stupidly told everybody that I could get six pack abs before Christmas and that it would be better than any six pack that my buddy ever had. Oh, and we have a $500 bet on it too!

That was just over a week ago and I have decided that I am really going to do this. I am also going to document my journey in my very own blog. Something to look back on when I'm grey and old? I have been reading lots of information on the Internet and I am confident that it is achievable. Well, I really hope it is otherwise I am going to have egg on my face! Anyway, tomorrow I am going to post a 'before' picture of my abs and then decide on a plan on how I am going to achieve this. Just how do I get six pack abs in just a few weeks before Christmas? Follow my journey and hopefully you will find out.

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