Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Truth About Six Pack Abs - My Review

This is the final day of my Six Pack Challenge. My friends challenged me to get a six pack before Christmas and I am pleased to say that I have achieved what I set out to do and will reveal my new six pack abs this evening. After careful consideration on what diet plan to use I finally decided on the Truth About Six Pack Abs (see link at the bottom of my review).

When I first started the 'Truth About Six Pack Abs' diet plan I was a bit dubious. I had dieted in the past but nothing really seemed to work (maybe because of my lack of self discipline). However, this diet plan seemed to really fit in with my way of life and didn't seem to be a chore or hard work.

The first week on the plan was the most difficult as my body was adjusting on the diet. The weight seemed to drop off me pretty much from the start and by the second week I could see my abs. I only went to the gym a couple of times whilst on the diet and this was mainly to have a quick swim and a sauna. NO OTHER major exercise waste performed whilst on the diet plan.

Ok, I think it is time to show you my before and after pic. Drum roll please...

Truth About Six Pack Abs

As you can see, over the last 4 weeks or so I have dropped massive amounts of body fat. I may not have the abs of Brad Pitt but you can still see them and that's what matters. I still have a way to go and I will continue with the Truth About Six Pack Abs for another few months until I am at the point where I am at around 7% body fat.

My Overall Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

Ease Of Use - 4 / 5
As long as you are dedicated then you will have no problems with this diet. Put it this way, If I can do it (and I am really lazy) then you can do it!
Effectiveness - 5 / 5
I think my picture pretty much says it all!
Value For Money - 5 / 5
For the price of the program (you are paying peanuts) it is well worth the money. In fact it is probably the best $$ I have spent. The program costs the price of a meal out so instead of going to your local restaurant and buying a burger and fries buy this instead!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

3rd week in - My Six Pack is looking mighty fine!

It's now the 3rd week into my Six Pack Abs Challenge and I'm pretty much there as far as my six pack is concerned. I won't reveal my 'After' pick until the last day of the challenge as I want it to be a surprise.

If you have been following my blog for the last few weeks you will know that I am using the 'The Truth About Six Pack Abs' program and nothing else. My friends challenged my to get six pack abs before Christmas and I am well on my way to achieving this thanks to this program. I only have a few weeks left so make sure you come back for the 'Big Reveal'.

My last post is going to be on the 24th December (Christmas Eve). Wish me luck!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

2nd week in - I WILL get six pack abs!

Hey folks! It's been my 2nd full week into my Six Pack Abs diet. I have decided to stick one program for this challenge as I have found it too complicated to use both at the same time. I've decided to use only the Truth About Six Pack Abs plan as I think I will get the fastest results with this. Long term I will try to implement the Fat Burning Furnace as as this will probably fit better into my hectic lifestyle!

I wanted to give you an update as it's been a week since I last wrote an update. I have been following the 'Truth About Six Pack Abs' plan to the letter and over the last week I have shed quite a bit of body fat. I was going to go to the gym several times a week during this experiment but I am going wait until the end of my challenge (I already have some muscle definition from my intermittent sessions at the gym so I am hoping my diet routine is enough to look ripped). Only time will tell I guess?!

One great thing about 'The Truth About Six Pack Abs' plan is the fact that it is really easy to follow and you really see the difference after just a week. My abs are really starting to show now! I will post some progress pictures in my next post!

The Truth About Six Pack Abs - >> CLICK HERE <<

Thursday, 24 November 2011

1 Week into my Six Pack Abs Program

OK guys and gals, it's been almost 7 days of being on my 'Truth About Six Pack Abs' and 'The Fat Burning Furnace' programs (links at bottom of each post from now on if you want to try it yourself!) and I must admit that I pretty impressed to say the least. I will be posting my 'After' picture before the 25th of December hopefully with a full six pack.

I spent about 4 hours studying both programs in quite some depth and then spent the same time again putting my plan together on how I was going to implement them. I took the best bits out of each plan and made my own 'hybrid'. So far I have lost around 6.5 pounds which I think is pretty damn good if you ask me! Much more than I initially thought. Anyway, I just wanted to give a mini update on my progress. My next posts will go into much more depth on my 'hybrid' method using both the 'Fat Burning Furnace' and 'The Truth About Six Pack Abs' programs.

Can't wait until then? Checkout both of the programs I am using below: -

The Truth About Six Pack Abs - >> CLICK HERE <<
The Fat Burning Furnace - >> CLICK HERE <<

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Deciding on a Six Pack Abs Program

After about three days of research I have finally decided to try a couple of programs and run them alongside each other. I have listed the two programs below and given the reason why I decided on them. I will also be going to my local gym a couple of times a week to perform some cardio (not a lot as I hate exercise!) and maybe a bit of swimming. Here are the two programs that I will use over the coming weeks: -

The Fat Burning Furnace Program - CLICK HERE

I decided on the Fat Burning Furnace program due to reading an interesting Fat Burning Furnace Review on a blog I stumbled across the other day. The guy who wrote it had some great results but most importantly FAST results. Remember, I've only got a six weeks to do this!

Truth About Six Pack Abs Program - CLICK HERE

I am going to use this program along-side the Fat Burning Furnace or maybe use a little bit of each and mix and match. Anyway, I have purchased them both and I will spend about a day reading them. I think it is important to absorb all the information before you try anything new. I must admit that I am getting really excited about this now.

Make sure you keep popping back to check-in on my progress!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My 'Before' Picture

Before My Journey
As promised yesterday I have attached my 'before' picture. As you can see I have a long way to go before I get six pack abs AND I only have about six weeks before Christmas. It's really started to sink in just how hard this is going to be. How can I get six pack abs in just six weeks? I am going to have to really do some research into this and choose a good Six Pack Abs Workout program and stick with it.

I have been doing a bit of digging around on Google and most people seem to agree that diet is the key to getting a visible set of abs. Tomorrows task is to choose a proven program and begin my journey. I hope you guys follow my blog and pop back tomorrow!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My Journey to get six pack abs begins...

OK, here is what happened. I was in a bar with my friends one night about a week ago and we were chatting about how fit and healthy we used to be at school. One of my friends was bragging about how he used to have the best six pack at school and that all the girls fancied him. I got pretty sick of hearing him boast about himself and at the end of the night I did something stupid. Yes that's right, I stupidly told everybody that I could get six pack abs before Christmas and that it would be better than any six pack that my buddy ever had. Oh, and we have a $500 bet on it too!

That was just over a week ago and I have decided that I am really going to do this. I am also going to document my journey in my very own blog. Something to look back on when I'm grey and old? I have been reading lots of information on the Internet and I am confident that it is achievable. Well, I really hope it is otherwise I am going to have egg on my face! Anyway, tomorrow I am going to post a 'before' picture of my abs and then decide on a plan on how I am going to achieve this. Just how do I get six pack abs in just a few weeks before Christmas? Follow my journey and hopefully you will find out.

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